Afnizar Nur Ghifari, Product Designer

Crafting meaningful digital experiences through design

BukaBike: A cheaper, faster, and more flexible bike sharing system

Recently, I helped Bukalapak to design multimodal transportation that is cheap, fast, and flexible for the community in Indonesia.

Case Study In Progress

Design Tooling: I help designers to improve their workflows

As a designer who codes, I try to help my design team by building tools like web app, Sketch plugin, or Figma plugin to improve their workflows.

Case Study In Progress

A few projects that I have worked on


Integrate payment wallet into eCommerce system.

Oct 2018
BBM Shopping

Redesign and create the design system of the apps.

Sep 2017
Ayo Indonesia

Matchmaking service for futsal players in Indonesia.

Sixty Two
Sixty Two
May 2017

Redesign the documentation of javascript unit testing library.

Open Source
Open Source
Mar 2017

Buy food commodities directly from farmers.

Feb 2017

More flexible ways of delivering care possible.

Tackle Studio
Tackle Studio
Nov 2016

Still curious of my other work? Send me an email about your project and I will prepare a detailed portfolio with relevant work samples. Get in touch.

My design process for building products

This design process gives me time-tested and trusted ways to do good work, sometimes it’s as linear as it looks, other times it’s a zigzag. Sometimes I build something completely new.


Understand the problem to be solved by certain methods.


Analyze the results of research and synthesize them to define the main problem.


Looking for new solutions based on the main problems that exist.


Investigate the problem and build prototypes that would fix the problem.


Test the results of the prototype and refine based the problem that are present.


Support the development team in implementing solutions in real environments.

In between my works, I love to share and help others by speaking and run workshops

Careers 101: Prepare to applying jobs or intern

This talk is about what to prepare when applying jobs or intern. Presented in my high school community called Jagongan Stematel.

Easily Structure & Communicate Ideas using Wireframe

This talk discusses how wireframes can help in developing ideas and how to build them.

Designing with Data: Using A/B Testing to Help Improve User Experience

This talk discusses the use of A / B Testing on a product, its definition, and its important role so that it can produce an impact.

Designing Experience and Interface

This talk is about introduction of designing experience in building product.

I'm currently not available for speaking or workshop about design and technology. Still want to invite me to speak at your event? Get in touch.

I'm always down for a coffee, feel free to get in touch!

Let’s talk about anything from design, accessibility, front-end development, prototyping, and technology.

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