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Hi, my name is Afnizar. I am a product designer with background of engineering. I graduate from Bachelor of Computer Science at Telkom University, Bandung. I have been designing since high school, from there I got opportunity to working freelance and part-time in various startup and agency – local and international.

I’m passionate about all areas of design and I believe in design as a better approach to solving human problem. My interests in design include interaction design, accessibility, and technological design.

In between my works, I do front-end development and mentoring designer to code. I believe with coding, designer can create more impactful experiences by embracing the technicalities that make it happens. I enjoy writing HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React.

I’m always excited to connect with everyone and am open to speaking opportunities, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Anyway, thanks for viewing my portfolio!

My workspace and things I use to get the job done

Below are some things I use on the daily basis from hardware, software, and services.

Laptop, Laptop Stand, Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse
Mechanical Keyboard

Applications and Tools


My primary design tool right now. I also build figma plugin called Page Automator.

Origami Studio

A full package and free visual programming prototyping tools. Personal favourite.

VS Code

My favourite code editor. I switch from Sublime Text because it lightweight and free.


Another personal favourite prototyping tools. Still love Framer Classic than X.


My spotlight replacement. Absolutely increasing my productivity.


Replacement of Terminal. Lightweight. Help me to do a lot of things.

I'm always down for a coffee, feel free to get in touch!

Let’s talk about anything from design, accessibility, front-end development, prototyping, and technology.

Follow me for more thoughts and updates on Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, and Linkedin.

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