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Growing List of Indonesian Designer Portfolio

An inspiring and useful reference for your next portfolio.

Portfolio is an important thing for designer. It helps communicate how designer work and the output of the work. Recruiter is always referred to the portfolio of designer if a team want to work with the designer or not. For me personally, portfolio is a place in the corner of the internet that you can do anything you want. Experimenting things or just showcase your work. It’s totally awesome to see someone sharing their experience and process of creating things.

It’s a bit rare for Indonesian designer has a standalone portfolio site, but when I see it one, I really love their initiative. Because creating portfolio are about investing a lot of things(time and energy). That’s why, I am creating this list so everyone can give them some appreciation or use it for reference!

So, here’s the list:

  • Bady Abbas

    Bady Abbas is designer at DBS Bank, Singapore. He is my mentors and my hero in design.

  • Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace is interaction designer at Google, San Fransisco. Currently, she is in Google Assistant, previously working on Google Translate.

  • Dimas Wibowo

    Dimas Wibowo is a product designer at Traveloka. He is also my mentors in design. He also run a podcast.

  • Rifat Najmi

    Rifat Najmi is UX and UI Designer based in Jakarta. Currently, he work at Style Theory and Semesta.

  • Luky Primadani

    Luky Primadani is a user experience strategist at FlixBus, a company based in Berlin. She is also teaching a course. I really recommend you take the course!

  • Briandito Priambodo

    Briandito Priambodo is a Product Designer at Wego. He run the

  • Ilyas Fahreza

    Ilyas Fahreza is product designer at Traveloka. He is one of my friend with great illustration skill!

  • Thomas Budiman

    Thomas Budiman is digital product designer. Currently, work at Bukalapak as a mentor.

  • Fares Farhan

    Fares Farhan is head of user experience & design at Smartfren. Previously, he worked at DBS Bank, Dropbox, and Xamarin.

  • Arie

    Arie is design lead at Traveloka.

  • Nunki Rehuellany

    Nunki Rehuellany is interaction designer at Gojek.

If you know someone has a portfolio site, let me know by send me DM on Twitter. I’ll keep this post updated.

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